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X-Consoles by 0xnft

1,000 Pixelated Consoles, with 50 Genesis Consoles, that allow you to play the $Game. Use your X-Console to join us in building the Decentralized Steam of P2E. Under certain circumstances, your X-Console NFT may accumulate $Game when they are staked in a smart contract. $Game has no utility outside the scope of the X-Consoles ecosystem, and cannot be purchased from X-Console developers. *Unique ownership figures on OpenSea do not reflect actual unique ownership due to unique owners who have staked all their X-Consoles. These X-Consoles belong to a single staking wallet on OpenSea. There are currently over 500 unique owners for X-Consoles.

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X-Consoles by 0xnft

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$3 374
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FAQ – X-Consoles by 0xnft

What is X-Consoles by 0xnft NFT Collection, and What Does It Offer? 

X-Consoles by 0xnft NFT collection is a non-fungible token project that uses the OpenSea platform for trading. The X-Consoles by 0xnft NFT collection has a high potential for rapid growth and provides users with an opportunity to get NFT token coins.

How to Purchase X-Consoles by 0xnft?

You need to take the following steps to get a X-Consoles by 0xnft or another token. Then, follow the instructions below to get the necessary X-Consoles by 0xnft NFT collection on the platform OpenSea. 

  • Enter the marketplace and find the “Download” button.
  • Pass through the registration and create your personal account on the platform. Think of a reliable password to protect your account.
  • Read terms and conditions carefully before you agree to them.
  • Add your crypto wallet on OpenSea and log in.
  • Choose the button “Buy” for a bank transfer.
  • Indicate the amount you are ready to spend (USD).
  • Fill in your credit card details and confirm the deal.

Where to Get X-Consoles by 0xnft? 

We don’t sell NFT collections on our web resource. Instead, you should go to the marketplace OpenSea, where you can look through all popular collections and make a purchase there.

Where Can You Find X-Consoles by 0xnft Statistics and Cost? 

We provide our customers with an opportunity to check prices for X-Consoles by 0xnft NFT collection and the crypto that can be used for payment. In addition, you can see what NFT-s are available for sale, the number of owners, and other statistics.