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Claynosaurz: A Deep Dive into the Rising Solana Community

May 17, 2023

Claynosaurz: A Deep Dive into the Rising Solana Community

Claynosaurz, a collection of adorable 3D dinosaur NFTs, has taken the Solana community by storm. With an impressive team of artists behind the project and an ever-growing fan base, Claynosaurz is making waves in the NFT space. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the world of Claynosaurz, the rising Solana community it belongs to, and why it’s becoming such a popular phenomenon.

Introduction to Claynosaurz

Claynosaurz is a collection of 10,000 animated 3D dinosaur NFTs on the Solana blockchain. The project has garnered significant attention in the Solana community and beyond, with its unique art style and engaging storytelling. The team behind Claynosaurz is a 3D production studio focused on developing high-quality entertainment IP in Web3, with artists from renowned companies like Sony, Disney, Dreamworks, Ubisoft, Netflix, Warner Bros, Marvel, and Industrial Light & Magic.

The Story Behind Claynosaurz

The idea for Claynosaurz originated in late 2021 when co-founders Nic Cabana and Dan Cabral, both seasoned professionals in the animation industry, began conceptualizing the intellectual property. With the meteoric rise of NFTs, Nic’s brother Phil Cabana suggested bringing the idea into the world of Web3 and developing it as an NFT project.

In November 2022, the team brought the idea to life in the form of the Claynosaurz genesis collection, featuring six species of Claynos: Rex, Trice, Stego, Ankylo, Bronto, and Raptor. The initial release was met with great success, reaching more than 130k in trading volume after just a few hours and 600k after just two weeks. The floor sits at 63.26 SOL ($1,355.64) at the time of writing.

The Rising Solana Community

The Solana community has been experiencing steady growth, with the NFT market on the platform showing signs of a resurgence. Despite top projects like DeGods and y00ts migrating to other blockchains, the Solana NFT market has seen a 19.2% increase in daily trading volume within a month. Claynosaurz has played a significant role in this growth, ranking fourth in trading volume on Solana in the past 30 days, only surpassed by popular projects like y00ts, OKay Bear, and ABC.

The Claynosaurz Ecosystem

Beyond the initial 10,000 3D animated NFTs, the Clayno ecosystem has expanded to include additional collections such as Claymakers, Clays, Sardinhas, Croissants, Tacos, Pizzas, Artifacts, and Egg. Early NFT holders were airdropped Claymakers and Clay, but new holders can still purchase these items on a Solana marketplace. In total, there are 10,000 Claymakers and 31,000 Clay NFTs.

These additional NFTs serve various purposes within the Claynosaurz universe, such as crafting items, forging armor, and even hatching new species of Claynos. For example, Sardinhas can be burned to obtain an egg, which will later hatch into a new species of Clayno.

IRL Experiences and Claynosaurz Events

Claynosaurz has gained acclaim for its innovative IRL events, where the team distributes booster packs containing exclusive digital items to attendees. These events help to blend the digital and in-person experiences for fans, with the thrill and nostalgia of opening a cherished childhood Pokémon card pack. The worth of both common and rare cards can span from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

These events have proven to be an effective way to onboard new users into the Solana community and introduce them to the Claynosaurz ecosystem.

Claynosaurz’s Future Plans

There are several exciting developments on the horizon for the Claynosaurz community. In the short term, new items will be released that can be constructed using the Claymaker, including companions for the dinosaurs. Soon, a new species of Clayno, the Pterodactyl, will be available. Sardinhas holders will be able to burn their NFT for an egg, which will hatch into a clay Dactyl.

On a broader scale, the team is working on expanding the reach of their IP and integrating it into mainstream media. They are currently developing a game and exploring various other avenues, such as short-form video content, TV shows, YouTube series, and even movies.

The Impact on Solana’s NFT Market

Claynosaurz has had a significant impact on the Solana NFT market, with its trading volume surpassing well-known Ethereum NFT projects like Meebits, Invisible Friends, and Art Blocks in the past 24 hours. The project’s success has contributed to the overall growth of the Solana community and its NFT market, demonstrating the potential for high-quality projects on the platform.

The Role of Web3 in Claynosaurz’s Success

Web3 has played a crucial role in the success of Claynosaurz, allowing the team to monetize early in the product development cycle and build a community that offers ongoing feedback. This approach has helped create unparalleled brand loyalty through a sense of ownership and participation in the project’s journey.

As Andrew Pelekis, co-founder of Claynosaurz, explains: “In Web3, you can monetize early in the product development cycle, build a community that offers ongoing feedback, and [create] unparalleled brand loyalty through a sense of ownership and being a part of the journey.”

Claynosaurz Collaborations and Partnerships

Claynosaurz has also formed strategic partnerships to further its reach and impact. In April, Solana Mobile, a Web3 mobile manufacturer under Solana Labs, announced a collaboration with Claynosaurz to launch a co-branded NFT series called “Call of Saga.” The series features two new Claynosaurz species, Spino and Para, as well as exclusive NFTs for Saga mobile users.


Claynosaurz is a shining example of how creativity, storytelling, and community engagement can propel a project to success in the Solana community and beyond. With an impressive team of artists, an ever-growing ecosystem, and ambitious plans for the future, Claynosaurz is set to continue making waves in the NFT space and further solidify its position within the thriving Solana community.